Three into two does go: but only when it’s Robuschi blowers.

EDC Air Compressors supplied a new Robuschi Robox Energy MD65 variable speed screw blower to a local water company on trial to prove the energy savings. It is being used in the aeration process of wastewater treatment. The unit features a direct drive permanent magnet motor and integrated variable speed drive, with its own HMI and built in PLC making it a plug and play unit. The unit was so efficient 3 blowers could be replaced with just 2!

Minimum savings achieved for the same airflow and pressure were 17% increasing to 49% at higher flow levels.

Commenting on the installation, EDC Air Compressor's General Manager, Julian Mills, said:"When our customer came to us asking if they could save on their energy costs we were happy to prove that they could. So convinced in fact that we gave them one on a 'try before you buy basis'. The Robuschi Energy MD65 VSD screw blower proved itself admirably in the field and they have now purchased two units to replace the previous three blowers. This range of Robuschi blowers can provide energy savings of up to 30% compared to rotary lobe blowers - with an accompanying 30% reduction in space and footprint, so space will never be an issue when replacing your existing units. Now our customer has a state-of-the art aeration system, lower energy usage, a reduced carbon footprint and the assurance that they have future-proofed their system. It's been an excellent outcome."

This outstanding example of power reduction was enabled by the energy-saving possibilities identified by our energy survey engineers. And it's possible that your process could also emulate these savings.

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When it has to be right, it HAS to be Robuschi!