scr permanent magnet air compressors

The new SCR range of permanent magnet air compressors is here! Low-noise, portable, high-efficiency, and complete with vector control technology. See also the newly released permanent magnet receiver mounted air compressor (PMR).

Want to see how the permanent magnet range performs? View the video of the SCR 30PM. See how this high-flow, leak-proof new range of air compressors can transform your compressed air system. With a built-in air receiver as standard (an industry first) SCR's permanent magnet range of compressors has a smaller footprint than its counterparts, is quieter and is 10% more energy efficient. With an oil-cooled IP65 permanent magnet motor - which operates at an efficiency even above that of IE3 premium efficiency motors, its flip-top design ensures ease of access for maintenance. Click to see full details of the Permanent Magnet range of screw air compressors and the new Permanent Magnet compressor technical specification.

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