leasing an air compressor

Like it? Need it? Want it? Why not lease it?

You might already be doing it with your car, but you may not realise you can also do it with air compressors.

Compressing your air costs is easy when you lease your air compressor from us.

From as little as £28.16 per week + vat, you can have a brand new compressed air system comprising of a 7.5kW variable speed drive controlled PM2 air compressor with integral receiver, dryer and oil/water separator supplied, fitted and installed. Yes, you read that correctly, £28.16 + vat. Terms and conditions?  With us, there are only 3.

Product listing:

1 x SCR10PM2 variable speed drive permanent magnet 7.5kW air compressor with integral receiver. Pipe size BSP 0.5. being VSD controlled the PM2 series is one of the most energy-efficient and affordable air compressors on the market. The IP65 motor is oil cooled and the component count is low. The flip top lid provides ease of access for maintenance.

  • 1 x MKE-70 dryer with digital control of dew point monitoring.
  • 1 x CS75 Sterling oil / water separator. The perfect compact unit for the treatment of condensate from any oil lubricated air compressor package.
  • 1 x Engineer for the installation including travel and mileage.

All in, it's the perfect package. See how it looks in situ.

air compressor leasing from EDC Air Compressors

Terms and conditions - all 3 of them:

  • The lease is for 5 years.
  • You have to have been trading for 3 years + (or there is a slight increase in the weekly payments to £34.30 + vat per week)
  • Ideally, you'll be within 1 hour's drive from Glasgow on the mainland (or additional travel and mileage costs may apply as a 1 off payment).

After the lease term is over (and we can quote on 2, 3, and 4 year terms as well as a 5 year lease) there's a small final admin fee and the title of the entire compressed air system passes to you.

compressed air system leasing agreements

What about servicing?

You're free to have the package maintained by any company of your choosing. But we'd like to think we could provide you with a competitive quote...so, let's have a look at what our pricing for this would be. For £630 + vat for the first year, your air compressor can enjoy our AirCare service package. This package provides you with a value-for-money maintenance plan for your compressed air system package. We will provide all necessary parts, labour and mileage to complete a professional preventative maintenance service of your equipment. Risk assessments and method statements can be provided if required and work will be carried out during normal working hours of Mon - Frid 8am until 5pm.


costs for servicing your leased air compressor

Read more about the top-quality equipment which forms your leased compressed air system package:

Thinking of leasing an air compressor? Get the compressor, receiver, dryer and separator from EDC