We repair and service all makes and models of air compressors

Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Kaiser, Boge, Aerzen, ABAC, Renner, CompAir, Hyundai, Abac, Clarke, Hyundai, Dalgakiran, Tigren, Parker, Workhorse, Vortex - our talented team of engineers can service, maintain and repair them all - whether they be: rotary screw, reciprocating, axial, centrifugal...

Irrespective of the type of air compressor you have, we can help you achieve optimal performance, offering service plans and repair services for all makes and models (and ancillary plant).

Have a breakdown? Air compressors can be critical to your operation, working hard for extended periods of time (sometimes in high ambient temperatures). They should be serviced annually, or after 2,000 hours - whichever comes soonest. But if you have a breakdown you won't necessarily have time to hunt for a specialist repair agent (and if your air compressor is out of warranty, these agents can be expensive). That's where we come in. Our field service engineers can be with you promptly and they carry a variety of spares for immediate replacement. So you can be up and running in a matter of hours.

Whatever your make or model, whatever the size and no matter the dryer, receiver or line filter, you can confidently call EDC Air Compressors on 0141 812 3222. 

Below are just some of the various makes and model of air compressors we've attended site to service or repair - and the list keeps on growing.

hydrovane, workhorse,vortex and ingeroll rand air compressor repairs

This Ferrari red Tigren air compressor had a problem with an 'O' ring - (oh oh!) and was leaking oil. Called to site, one of our top engineers took the compressor out for a quick pit-stop and soon had the unit up and running again - and it's handling beautifully! You could say the Tigren is back in its tank...

edc air compressor engineers repairing a Tigren compressor on site

Meanwhile, this Renner oil-free compressor, underwent a full service as part of an ongoing maintenance contract. Regular servicing minimises plant downtime as it keeps your equipment in tip-top condition. It can also spot issues before they become problematic, and of course, with a service contract, you have the advice and support of our engineering team who can offer help and guidance as you require it. Air compressor making a strange noise / has excessive noise in operation / is consuming more oil than normal / is vibrating / receiver pressure is building up too slowly (or quickly!)? Call us. Chances are we'll have heard it before and can either advise you on the best course of action, or if we suspect it's more serious, pop out to have a look. 

renner air compressor serviced by EDC Air Compressors

Get more va-va-voom from your Vortex rotary screw air compressor! We recently added a Vortex compressor to the stable of compressors we service. Having exposure to so many brands of compressor, our engineers have a wealth of experience in all designs and ranges - meaning you (our customer) are not paying for any learning time. Once on site, they'll get straight to assessing the problem - and its repair. What they won't be doing is scrolling through their phone looking for a product manual.

Vortex air compressor serviced by EDC Air Compressors

And we've got the back of these Boge Booster compressors. In fact, we've got them all wrapped up. Working in the packing industry, one of these compressors had blown a gasket. We didn't blow ours, instead our engineers got to work replacing all three cylinder head gaskets, getting production back to normal asap.

one of our compressed air engineers on site servicing an air compressor

We're going ABAC in time - servicing an ABAC air compressor and ancillary equipment as part of an ongoing service contract. Our dedicated team of compressed air specialists can look after your entire compressed air treatment plant, irrespective of the manufacturer - and often at a lower cost than going to the original dealership.

edc air compressor engineers working on an ABAC air compressor