Extend the life cycle of your compressed air system and optimise your productivity. 

EDC air compressor service contracts

Are you paying too much to have your air compressors serviced?

Loyalty doesn’t always pay, which is why you should consider talking to EDC Air Compressors about your current charges.

Costs don’t have to increase year on year, but, if you aren’t comparing prices, you might just accept increases as ‘par for the course’.

Industrial service contracts are available from EDC Air Compressors. Our experienced, industry-trained engineers are able to service and repair all makes of air compressors, air dryers and ancillary equipment; quickly and with the minimum of disruption. With service agreements tailored to your exact compressed air requirements, our primary aim is to ensure your air supply is uninterrupted and operating efficiently - keeping your costs down and your business running. These preventative maintenance agreements fix service costs, reduce your energy cost and give you peace of mind that vital equipment is both protected and properly maintained.

Typically, air compressors should be serviced every 2000 hours. Their air intake should be checked, leakage detection and flow testing carried out and the operating parameters of the unit logged. This regular servicing not only optimises your compressor system - keeping it running smoothly - it can also reduce your energy consumption, thus lowering the overall costs of your compressed air system further. Through regular servicing, small, but important issues can be picked up before they begin to cause very real and very costly problems to your whole compressed air system. On servicing visits your staff can also be advised on the best practice for air compressor use (are they switching off at night and regularly checking the oil?) and the operating environment can be examined to ensure there are no maintenance issues in the compressor's environment (is it sited next to machines producing dust?).

air compressor service contracts air compressor servicing

With a service contract you can rest assured that parts which can commonly suffer wear and tear on your air compressor will be replaced before they cause an issue, or lead to a breakdown. With over 20 years' experience in air compressors, we can not only offer the best prices in the industry, we also have unrivalled field service experience in fault diagnostics and maintaining all air compressor systems; a knowledge-base gained through practical, hands-on fault-finding and servicing of air compressors in a multitude of applications.

EDC also carries a number of the most common SCR air compressor spare parts, enabling us to attend site with all the parts required to service your compressor. These off-the-shelf parts also mean that in an emergency, EDC can supply air compressor spares to get you back up and running with minimal down-time.

Working in partnership with our customers, we offer tailored and flexible service and maintenance contracts on all makes and models of compressor, covering all industry sectors.

Backed up by an extensive hire fleet, and ancillary equipment ex stock, our compressor engineers are solution driven with a wealth of experience in a huge range of air compressors.

service and maintenance contracts for air compressors



contact us  for details of our preventative maintenance service agreements or to arrange air compressor energy surveys on your compressed air system or to enquire about our  Tel 0141 812 3222 or email: We can inspect and advise upon all aspects of belt driven & direct compressor systems, whether water or air-cooled, fixed or variable speed and oil lubricated or oil free. 

For energy surveys on your on-site inverters (VSDs) visit us at (we're based in Erskine - just outside Glasgow) or see EDC's new expansion into the North East of England, where we can now also conduct energy surveys and supply your variable speed drive requirements.

For more info on servicing you air compressor, see our blog on oil, the lifeblood of your compressor.