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All the questions you ever wanted to ask - and a form, just in case there's something we haven't covered....

Q. What's special about EDC Air Compressors?

You may already know our sister company - EDC (Scotland) Ltd? We work alongside them from our premises in Erskine (enabling us to tap into a huge pool of additional knowledge). Our air compressor engineers also have A LOT of experience - an average of 25 years each (they started young!).

Q. And SCR - who are they?

We appreciate you may not have heard of them - but they're huge - and like the HSBC bank (Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation) they're from Shanghai (SCR stands for Shanghai Screw Company). Their air compressors combine German engineering and brand name parts (eg Siemens control gear). As an air compressor company they have some of the keenest pricing in the market-place. How do they manage that if they're using branded parts? Well, they're just happier to take less profit on their product than many (or most) of their rivals. Their compressors are operating (quite nicely) in over 50 countries - and growing. Have a look and see where the SCR distributorships are located - they are everywhere!.

Q. What's your site privacy policy. And are my details safe if I buy online?

We will never share your details with a 3rd party. Never. We won't sell your details on or send you 'offers you might be interested in' from companies other than us. If you don't want to accept marketing from us then we won't even send you our promotions.....but wait up -we have some really good promotions! We don't keep your credit card details on file, we don't even know what they are as our payment processors deal with this. We accept credit card payments via PayPal & Sagepay. Sorry, no Bitcoins as yet.

Q. How long will it take to get my order?

It can vary. If it's in stock then we can generally ship to you very quickly. If, however, it's a special design then we'll get a lead time from the factory for you at time of quotation.

Q. Can I track my order?

Yes, normally when we ship your goods we'll send you an email confirming they're on their way. At the end of the day we'll have your tracking number on our manifest. Drop us an email - or make a note on your order when you place it - and we'll email the tracking number along to you.

Q. I'm not really sure what I should be ordering?

"How much air do I need?" "What's the flow & pressure?" I know, I know, buying an air compressor can be a minefield - and a big investment. Chat to us. Really, we're here to help. You can call us, or email us, you can even chat to us live on the website. And I bet we know the answer to your question....... 

Q. Can I buy from the premises?

Hmm. In theory, yes. But from a practical point of view? Not so easy. If the unit is in stock and you have a tail-lift, we can load it on your van, but you'll need a BIG van...and lifting gear at the other end. Honestly? I wouldn't recommend doing it this way.

Something we haven't covered?

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