scr permanent magnet receiver compressors

Excellence unveiled: the PM2 range of compressors. Permanent magnet receiver mounted air compressors: the most efficient compressors on the market? Screw compressors have reached new heights with the affordable excellence of the new SCR PM2 range. And we think the attraction will be 'magnetic'.

PM2 brochure

PMR compressor flyer.

PMR variable speed compressor brochure.


What are the benefits of the PM2 range over other compressors? Well, it has 20% increased flow over standard machines, but that's not all. In fact, it has some serious advantages over the competition...
  • Its permanent magnet IP65 oil-cooled motor comes with a 1:1 direct drive.....
  • Which offers an exceptional variable speed range (from 25% to 100%)
  • Mounted on a 120L air receiver, the PM2 range also has a bearing free motor design
  • It runs at around 68dB, quieter than your shower or dishwasher
  • With a low component count, it's simple to service and maintain
  • It has onboard pressure scheduling
  • The motor has an operating temperature of 180 degrees - to ensure demagnetisation doesn't occur
  • A flip-top design ensures ease of access for maintenance and servicing
  • And IE4 permanent magnet motor technology
  • Did we mention the pure soft start???

Eminently efficient, eminently serviceable and eminently affordable, the figures speak for themselves.

energy saving with a PMR air compressor

(Based on 6,000 hrs. 3,000 hrs load, 3,000 hrs off load, 0.12p per kWh)

With its low noise output making it suitable for a variety of applications, the PMR series will be held in stock, enabling next day delivery to our customers. And, if required, fridge dryers with internal filters are also available.

PM Tank Mounted High Efficiency Screws:10 bar, variable speed. IE4 PM motor, 1:1 Direct Drive, 120L air receiver


See how 'less is more', and how you can get 'less' for your money, but still make long-term cash saving with the PMR series of air compressors in EDC's blog spot.

SCR model codes for the PM2 series of permanent magner receiver compressors.

Sound levels below ~68 dBA

IP65 oil cooled motor up to 55kW. 75kW above, air cooled motor.

from 7.5kW to 110kW the SCR PM2 range of permanent magnet receiver compressors

And if you have a requirement for a PM machine without the air receiver why not consider the newest addition to the SCR stable - the APM compressor range. With the same ratings as the PM2 series the APM have a higher bar capability, making them supremely suitable for higher pressure applications. See the new APM range of permanent magnet compressors.