How so? Well, SCR permanent magnet receiver compressors use less energy (compared to fixed speed & standard vsd controlled compressors). They make less noise (operating at 68dB), have less vibration, endure less mechanical wear and have fewer components than an ‘ordinary’ compressor. All of these "lesses" results in, you guessed it, another less - in this case, maintenance.

Add in an extended lifetime and easy access for servicing, and it’s not hard to see how getting less for your money can lead to serious cash savings: every operational hour of every day.

Built with future-proofing in mind (it comes with IE4 motor technology), the SCR PMR range is; eminently affordable, eminently efficient, eminently serviceable. Contact us for pricing today. You might find the price is also 'less' than you expected.

scr's new range of PMR compressors. Pay less, get more.