Our customers spoke and we listened. The result? The new, quiet, ultra energy-efficient, space-saving, powerful APM series.

See the SCR APM series brochure to discover all the new features and benefits of this innovative range of energy-saving air compressors.

What do you need to know about the new APM air compressor - what are the features and benefits?

  •                               Range: 7.5kW, 11kW, 15kW and 8-16 Bar
  •                               Compact base mounted
  •                               Permanent magnet 'Super Premium Efficiency' IE4 motor
  •                               Low noise operation ~68dB
  •                               Maximum energy saving potential
  •                               High resolution 7” touchscreen controller
  •                               Oil Cooled IP65 motor with a motor winding protected by epoxy resin to avoid any risk of burnout
  •                               Bearing free motor design - requiring no maintenance
  •                               1:1 Direct Drive
  •                               Wide operating speed
  •                               Combined after cooler
  •                               Pure soft start
  •                               Simple to service and maintain
  •                               Optional wheels for easy installation and positioning
  •                               On board scheduling for automatic timed start and stop times
  •                               Compact design
  •                               The option of adding bespoke air dryers, filter and air tank (if required)
  •                               Automatic restart on power failure

Who will benefit from the APM series of air compressors?

For industrial use, garages, construction, salvage yards and repair shops to small to medium manufacturers in a range of industries are a perfect fit for this compressor. The APM excels where space is at a premium as you can utilise your existing air tank, saving valuable floor space. Application wise, plasma cutters (with their accelerated jets) and autoclaves (with a combination of steam and pressure) generally need high-pressure compressors, making the APM series, with its higher pressure rating (up to 16 bar), ideal.

In short, the compact but powerful APM compressor can help SMEs do BIG things. Air pressure can be maintained whilst a number of workers are utilising high-volume air tools.

What's at the heart of an APM permanent magnet compressor? Good question. Let's take a look inside.


internal parts of an SCR APM air compressor

features and benefits of SCR's APM series of air compressors

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The permanent magnet screw series of APM compressors will run alongside the already established PM series of air compressors, which comes complete with its own air receiver - which is perfect for less demanding applications, or for those who need extra tank storage.

Think small:

  • Purchase price
  • Running costs
  • Maintenance bills
  • Cost of producing your valuable air


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