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Pre-owned air compressors come with several advantages which can make them ideal candidates for your application.



Nearly new, or second hand units are very often in excellent condition, having been bought for an application, but infrequently used, procured as a standby unit or purchased by a company which upgraded before the compressor was ever used.

They are, for the most part, unlikely to have been subject to excessive workloads or harsh environments. This is often contrary to the image many people have when they think of a 'used' compressor. So, why buy a used compressor?

Why a 'pre-loved' compressor might be your perfect match (even for a hire period):

  • Costwise there will obviously be less outlay...for a higher specification than you may have imagined you could buy. In fact, the associated fees: loans (if required to buy a new unit) and depreciation often don't apply with used units.
  • The compressor will already have been tested and most likely 'run in'. This being the case, it's less likely to fail. Most failures occur very quickly after any appliance is switched on (this is true of almost every piece of machinery we can think of).
  • You'll be buying a unit which has already been serviced and had any parts requiring replacement changed (essentially a free overhaul). And compressors are built to last. You can expect a significant lifetime from your purchase of a used compressor. Additionally, you'll also have the reassurance of a 'return to base' warranty, which covers all major components.

And you'll also be reducing your environmental footprint. Many factors can make the process of compressing air wasteful...but by buying a used air compressor you'll be taking a common-sense approach to being environmentally aware.

Let us find a suitable compressor for your needs, thoroughly checked, in excellent condition and within your budget. Call 0141 812 3222 or contact us with your requirements. We're always happy to help and offer advice.

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