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Let it be?

Don’t let it be. Owner inertia can often lead to spiralling energy charges.

The cost of electricity for medium-sized companies has tripled since 2011 making compressed air a costly commodity to produce.

After a compressed air system is installed most people will leave it to run... until it doesn't.

At this point the system is most likely inefficient. There may be air leaks or poorly maintained pipework or even a change to the application since the compressor was specified. These factors combine to stop your system running to the best of its ability. And if it's not running to the best of its ability it's costing you more money than it needs to...potentially up to 30 -35% more.

Our surveys are unobtrusive and, by using a data logger to monitor your air compressors, we can tell you the exact operating efficiency of your system (taking into account the price of energy on site/ shift patterns in force / processes).
Our engineers can then advise you of the improvements which can be made - a classic one being how you can potentially make use of heat recovery systems on your plant. Around 85% of an air compressor's energy gets lost in heat. What could you do if you channelled that heat?

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