Compressed air management systems

compressed air management systems

Metacentre is the name given to the control mechanism which seamlessly integrates with your compressed air system. It monitors, controls, optimises and manages your system requirements - so you don't have to. And it's more efficient at doing this than any human ever could be...

The benefits aren't just in a more efficient, more responsive system, they are also in cold, hard cash. Metacentre's control philosophy can reduce energy costs by over 30% on larger compressed air or vacuum systems; a reduction which can save tens of thousands of pounds over a year. And with key aspects of your system managed, CO2 emissions are also reduced. 

How does Metacentre accomplish this? By harnessing a series of control products & integration solutions, Metacentre gathers the information, analyses it, then puts into action the most economical, most effective programme to achieve optimal output at the lowest cost. Measurements from your system such as its pressure, temperature, moisture dewpoint and flow are all analysed. True power and output are established (as Lord Kelvin said: "If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it"). With this extensive information gathered and collated, your system is controlled so that it doesn't work any harder than it absolutely has to. If only everything in life could be the same ......

But ultimately you do control it (although it's very good at managing itself) and browser hosted, intuitive visual software allows local or remote access to the system. As such, interfacing with it couldn't be easier. Securely stored on cloud software, the information can be used to generate graphs, charts and impressive compressed air audit reports.

Contact us to find out more about the ease of control offered by Metacentre. If you use compressed air in your industry, you can't afford not to.

Airmatics - Compressed Air Management System


Airmatics is all compatible and can be integrated into any air compressor system. Once installed, it gets to work, creating efficiencies straight away. It reports on the status of your system, providing 360 degree real-time performance tracking, freeing your workforce from routine tasks. The benefits include:

• Reduces your carbon emissions
• Maximises performance & efficiencies
• Helps you make decisions about your air compressor system by giving you accurate, real-time information
• Extends machinery lifetime by ensuring your performance never exceeds the system requirement
• A single compressor to a whole eco-system of air compressors can be monitored & controlled
• Is industry 4.0 ready
• Cost-effective and easy to operate
• Fully secure
• No overhauling or replacing your current compressor network