a pipe in a compressed air system surrounded by money (lost due to air leaks)


They pulverize profits, pummel productivity and pull the rug out from under your pneumatics with their plummeting system pressure. Yet a leakage rate of 10% is still thought of as acceptable in many facilities. Air leaks: can't live with them...can definitely live without them.

If there's one single thing you can you do improve efficiency and profitability on your compressed air system, it's have a leak detection survey done.

Quick, unobtrusive and very cost-effective it can dramatically reduce energy wastage in your plant. Imagine all the extra energy you're currently using to maintain a system which doesn't require it? You're making your system (and your wallet) work harder than they have to. Those loose connections could be costing you thousands of pounds per year. An ultrasonic leak detector will 'listen in' to those leaks allowing us to identify and tag them. We can also also calculate how much these leaks are costing you - so you'll know on completion of the survey just how much you're going to be saving going forward. Air leaks; plug them before they pull the plug on your operation.