Air Compressor Energy saving calculator

compressed air energy saving calculator


If we can't make the predicted savings following an energy survey on your plant...we'll give you your money back.

Want to count up how much your air compressor is costing you to run? The true cost of ownership may surprise you (and the smallest part of it is actually the purchase price of your air compressor). Use our simple 'air compressor energy saving calculator' to help you calculate potential energy savings which can be gained by installing an SCR variable speed (VSD controlled) screw compressor with permanent magnet motor technology. So, let's get started - we've energy savings to make!

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This tool is designed to help estimate the potential savings (because all compressed air systems are different, with their own little, lovable quirks).

If this calculator has piqued your interest about what savings you could make, call us for a detailed site survey (including energy and flow monitoring) on 0141 812 3222 or drop us an email on our energy survey contact us. page. Savings of 35% on your compressed air system are not unusual.