EDC has now added Robuschi blowers to its stable of SCR air compressors. Strong & silent, Robuschi blowers are innovative in their design and can easily be retro-fitted into other manufacturers' units.  The highly-engineered Robuschi range of blowers has been designed to meet the needs of specific applications in the chemical & pharmaceutical, environmental, plastics, pulp & paper, mining, medical and wastewater treatment industries. The RBS range of low-pressure, positive displacement, 3 lobe rotary blowers comes with the patented 'Low Pulse' system which eliminates pressure and delivery pulsation. This can reduce the residual pressure pulsation of the conveyed gas to below 2% of the operating pressure. The range is available with three build modifications (within which there are additional specifications which can be selected):

Stainless steel construction  - for use in heavy duty applications up to 14,000 m3/h.

A cooled blower version - two cooling coils effectively keep the oil temp below 100 degrees C irrespective of operating conditions, making it an ideal selection when the gas discharge temperature exceeds 140 degrees C.

Corrosive coating - Either synthetic resin-based (which prevents contamination from the gas being conveyed) or nickel & phosphorous alloy (the best choice to prevent corrosion of the blower from gas). 

Key features of the range include:

Efficiency - the patented Robuschi rotors, due to the internal compression rate & reduced number of revolutions - optimises the capacity to pressure ratio.

Simplicity - ergonomically designed, the Robuschi range of blowers has fewer component parts than many of its rivals, so fewer parts to fail. Ease of access to the blower units ensures problem-free maintenance, whilst the SENTINEL control system provides top-of-the-range maintenance monitoring.

Safety & Reliability - With an oil splash lubrication system (with discs coupled to the drive shaft) the smooth operation of the gears is guaranteed. Long-life bearings are calculated for a theoretical lifespan of 100,000 hours  - under strenuous operating conditions.

We can also refurbish & service Robuschi blowers - as well as all other makes


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The Robox evolution range from Robuschi is an integrated compression unit which comes complete with an RBS lobe blower. Designed to convey gas at low pressure and operated by an electric motor via a special belt drive, the Robox evolution is one of the most economical blowers to operate due to its low energy consumption. Cutting-edge in its design, it comes complete with SENTINEL electronic monitoring system which constantly monitors the operation of the blower, ensuring it never deviates from its set parameters. One of the most reliable positive displacement blowers available, due not only to its monitored operation but also to its automatic belt tensioning and ease of access to change oil or replace belts, the Robox evolution range is well-suited to applications in the wastewater industry. Its small footprint and well-vented design allow it to be sited close to other units, maximising the use of space in compressor rooms. With a capacity of 100-10,500 m3/hr, pressure from 30-100 kpa (g) and a vacuum of up to 50 kpa (50%) the Robox evolution series of blowers really does live up to its name.

Robuschi blower for the biogas industry






















                                               ROBOX evolution. Robuschi for the BIOGAS industry.

Produced & designed specifically for use in the renewable energy sector, the CRBIO (skid assembled version) range allows for the conveying & compression of one of the newest and most sustainable of all energy resources - biogas. This model is also suitable for use with natural and landfill gases in wastewater treatment & power generation works. With capacity of up to 2850 m3/h and differential pressure up to 1000 mbar (vacuum up to 500mbar(a), the Robuschi build standard of quietness, compactness and easy maintenance are all to be found in the Robox evolution CRBIO. ATEX, group 11, category 2 certified the Biogas blower comes with the option of a sound enclosure, a start-up valve with an unloading device and a stainless steel gas humidity drainage system with tank. For more information on the extensive Robuschi range view the catalogues below.



Robuschi Blowers catalogue


Robuschi scope of supply
Detailed spec of the ROBOX evolution for the biogas industry
Robuschi high-efficiency oil-free compressors
Triple Impact Robuschi Robox energy screw compressors

A recent Robuschi blower installation with an EL105/4P-RVP200 unit. This small, efficient blower will be working aerating sewage. When it has to be right - it has to be Robuschi. The world leader in industrial blowers. See more of how EDC can assist with your Robuschi requirements including blower & compressor repairs, new & reconditioned blowers, blower servicing & repair and service & maintenance contracts. EDC Robuschi blower leaflet. See our recent Robuschi blower overhaul in central Scotland. Visit our Robuschi Spares, Service and Maintenance page.

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