The oil free range of air compressors from SCR comes both as a fixed speed oil free screw compressor and also a variable speed drive oil free screw compressor.

The variable speed drive range of SCR oil free air compressors is ideal for environments where there is a variable demand for compressed air. Supplied with an Innovance inverter as standard, the vsd controlled compressors can be retro fitted with any inverter of your choice. The compressor itself is manufactured with GHH Rand airends, Siemens controls & electrics and SKF bearings. With an oil free compression chamber and a teflon coating on the cylinder sleeve, the oil free range of SCR compressors is perfect for environments and operations where oil cannot be permitted at point of use. Such oil free ranges can be found in numerous industries such as; pharmaceutical, automotive, manufacturing and electronics, and in applications as diverse as air curtains, pcb board cleaning and product drying. With bearings which are permanently lubricated - as opposed to the traditional oil bath -  oil free compressors produce less condensate, and requiring no oil to operate (or be topped up) they are lower maintenance than oil injected compressors. Contact us today to find out the advantages that oil free air compressors can bring to your operation. Or investigate the savings which can be made by our 'Air Over The Wall' hire agreements - when renting is a more viable option for your business requirements than buying. You can also see examples of our oil free air compressor installation, enabling you to see the quality and savings they can offer. Click to see our range of fixed speed air compressors.

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