What we want, what we really, really want...is to conduct a free compressed air energy audit. Yes, we said free. Why? Good question.

a man in a factory conducting a compressed air energy audit


At heart, along with our sister company, EDC Scotland, we're interested in saving energy. Strangely enough, that's how we stay in business. And it's something that enables us to have contracts with several blue-chip companies. Let me explain in one sentence.

We will only sell you equipment which saves you energy and we will prove how much it'll save you before we sell it to you. We'll also tell you what this equates to in payback time - but that's two sentences.

A free survey of your plant allows you to see if you can achieve greater energy efficiencies, better system reliability (so less downtime) and lower CO2 emissions. It can identify plant which is costing you money because it's obsolete, inefficient,  poorly maintained, incorrectly specified or not being operated within the correct parameters. And knowledge is power. Once you know what's costing you energy (and money) you can then decide what you want to do about it. So, call us on 0141 812 3222, or email web@edcscotland.co.uk and we'll get you booked in for our free, unobtrusive survey.As we're fond of saying, you have nothing to lose but expensive energy bills.