To complement your purchase of a new SCR Comp air compressor, EDC Air Compressors provides a full 5 year parts and labour warranty. 

Provided at the time the air compressor is purchased - a service agreement is signed - this ensures that you have access to a qualified engineer when you need it most. The warranty covers parts and labour and is included in the purchase price. The service agreement ensures your air compressor is fully serviced - either every 12 months or 2,000 hours - keeping it fully maintained and in optimal condition - without you even having to think about it. 

Should any items covered under warranty require changing, they will be replaced at no additional charge. Not only has this proven to be the most economical way for ensuring your air compressor is properly maintained, it also allows you to know your capex and opex charges years in advance - and so to budget for them.

air compressor servicing

One service contract: One optimal level of service. A full 5 year parts & labour warranty is offered on our SCR range of air compressors.

At EDC Air Compressors we provide one 5 year parts & labour warranty. We don't believe in offering 10 different options with confusing levels of maintenance & service when we know that the one option we offer is the very best in terms of service and value. And so impressed are we of the build quality of the SCR range of air compressors, that we are confident in offering a full 5 year warranty on the air compressors we supply.

Contact us on 0141 812 322 or email for further details of how our service agreements can extend the life-cycle of your air compressor and keep it running at optimal performance. Or talk to us about a service contract for your existing air compressors.