air compressors for farming and agriculture

air compressors in the agricultural and farming industry

Harness the power of air to drive your farm forward and lighten your workload.

Are you utilising the full potential of air compressors on your farm? Crop production, robotic milking,  tyre inflation, sluicing, painting, spraying, onsite wastewater treatment - there's a myriad of uses for air compressors on farms (although people don't often realise this).

As a farmer you DO know this, and you're already using a compressor for one, or a number, of the above purposes. But what might be good to know, is that there's a cheaper way of running your compressor, by using a Permanent Magnet Variable Speed Drive controlled unit. These VSD PM units are quieter, use less energy (because they regulate the air flow from your compressor) and will outlast comparable non VSD PM units (because they reduce hard starts and stops).

So why buy an SCR VSD compressor?

Reason 1: It's cheaper. Chances are you'll be able to buy a larger kW rated compressor for a lower price than replacing your current one with a competing brand (yes really). This will future-proof your compressor purchase.

Reason 2: It's reliable. The critical components are German made, the firm is Japanese owned and, if you have a look at the 'who uses SCR page' you'll find a whole host of bluechip companies entrusting their production to them.

Reason 3: It'll need less maintenance (it has a bearing free motor design, low component count, and is easy to access for routine servicing).

Reason 4: It'll give you a 20% increased flow over standard machines, whilst giving you consummate control over your air flow.

 Reason 5: We have various options to buy, including leasing. This means you can have the equipment you need now without the immediate financial burden of  a large capital outlay.

To have an informal chat about how an air compressor can facilitate a more efficient farm, contact Gary Miller at EDC Air Compressors on 07487 592 077.

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