SCR Comp rotary screw air compressors come with a wealth of features as standard.

German engineering has designed and specified a build quality which is unrivalled in its class.

Aiming for the highest industry standards, rubber hoses are not used. Instead, seamless steel pipes with high quality compression fittings take their place - eliminating oil leaks caused by aging & vibration, whilst the smooth steel pipe walls reduce pressure drops for improved efficiency.

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Why buy SCR- features & benefits?  SCR Air Compressors build quality guaranteed 

Components are mounted on a substantial base which can be easily moved by forklift. The standard enclosure is also designed with noise reduction in mind, making the SCR range both solid and quiet. 
ENCLOSURES: SCR compressors are designed to be maintenance friendly, with all components easily accessible via large & robust removable, locking panels.

AIR INTAKE:  As intake air quality is the key to reliability, the Donaldson intake filters are manufactured to cope with the harshest of environments. The suction valve is another key component in the build quality of SCR Comp air compressors and has proven to have a service life of over 2 million cycles. 

TRANSMISSION: All SCR direct drive compressors use a German KTR coupling. The 1:1 direct drive (motor to airend) gives greater durability and efficiency, whilst many competitors use a belt drive and high airends to reduce manufacturing costs (often to the detriment of energy and reliability).

CONTROLS & ELECTRICS: The patented user-friendly European controller has 12 alarms and comprehensive safety trips & protection. It is easily programmable for energy efficient operation. Siemens control gear is used thoughout the build to ensure long-term reliability, with solenoids & sensors from ODE & Huba used to improve accuracy in the build quality.

COOLING: In the pursuit of both reliability & efficiency, SCR oversize their coolers by 30%. The oil separator is also oversized to enhance its longevity and a low pressure drop - again, both contributing factors in enhanced efficiency.

MOUNTS: The airend, gearbox and motor are mounted on WVIF anti-vibration mounts to ensure both low vibration & noise levels. 

AIRENDS: Ally-Win is a joint venture established in Germany, producing some of the highest quality airends available. They are fitted with patented German rotor, SKF bearings and EU made teflon air seals. Triple lip seals combined with double inner seals protect the rotors. Oversized airends are specified for greater durability and efficiency. These high quality components and build criteria combine to produce the efficiency, durability and low noise levels associated with SCR air compressors. They also ensure that efficiency improvements of between 5% and 10% are delivered. Other airends used in the SCR range include GHH Rand and Aerzen - both from Germany.

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