Fair Air - Air compressor hire

The ultimate air compressor hire package. Imagine buying air as you need it? 

No upfront costs. A brand new air compressor servicing the needs of your  business - on hire. Why 'FairAir' - pay as you go air - is the ideal rental solution....

air compressor hire and leasing

With EDC Air Compressor's 'FairAir' deal you can purchase your air in the same way you would your gas and electricity: paying for your air as you would for other utilities - as and when you need them.

There are huge advantages to buying your compressed air in this way. Not least of these is the fact that you know on a monthly basis what your outgoings will be - allowing you to budget accurately. 

Why choose to rent you compressed air system as opposed to buying?

Pay as you go is like leasing or hiring your plant with a variable factor to match your production needs. The benefits include:

* Free up your CAPEX capital. The purchase of an air compressor can be a large expense for a company before they've seen a penny generated in revenue. Renting allows you to significantly reduce start-up costs. Under 'FairAir' you can hire a new, state-of-the art air compressor, which in itself will be more efficient and less costly to run than an older, less well maintained unit.

* With our pay as you go option you can increase or decrease your usage - giving you total flexibility in your air compressor consumption.

* You have the full and on-going support of a qualified compressed air engineer - able to advise you on any technical issues you may have - as well as keeping you up-to-date on how to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions and how best to capitalise on the already great energy savings you're making. 

* No hidden costs - ever! Installation, commissioning, call-outs, repairs, maintenance? It's all taken care of.

* Remote monitoring of your air compressor. Our engineers can remotely monitor your equipment, reporting on some faults and preventing others before they even occur. 

AIR COMPRESSOR HIREIf you were having sleepless nights before, worrying about the running costs of your compressed air, you may just have found the remedy. Why not access 'FairAir' and find out what funding options (including Carbon Trust Grants) are available to you.

EDC Air Compressors can assist in finding the right finance solution for your company's needs, be it hire or leasing of the equipment.

Contact us to today to start enjoying the benefits of 'FairAir' - an 'Air over the Wall' scheme where we size, install, commission and service your new air compressor and you pay only for the actual air you use - the perfect air compressor rental package. It could be the perfect solution to allow your business to start expanding while keeping your costs under control.

Call now on 0141 812 3222 or email compressors@edcscotland.co.uk for more details.Not looking to hire but to buy a used air compressor? We can help. See our section on 'pre-loved' air compressors.

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