Demons closing in on every side? That'll be the special effects created by the SCR air compressor on this ghost train ride!

an scr air compressor operating on a ghost train


This SCR APM compressor hopped on the tracks to be taken to its location in the bowels of a dimly-lit dungeon. There it's charged with creating spooktacular special effects for thrill-seeking passengers.

The APM range is not only quiet (so you can hear yourself scream), it's energy-efficient (with an IE4 motor), space-saving and packs a powerful puff (8-16 bar).

If you're 'daredevil' enough you can see its ghoulish goings on, blowing away the cobwebs, firing up the phantoms and undertaking other equally frightening pneumatic functions at Adventure Island, the free-entry adventure theme park at Southend on Sea.