why buy a used air compressor?

Just as with a car, when you install your new compressor it's already depreciated in value.

Don't pay 'as new' prices when a much smaller budget can get you the air compressor you require. EDC Air Compressors sells new compressors. We maintain them, conduct leak detection surveys on them, hire them... but we realised that there was a gap in our services: used compressors.

It was something we were frequently asked for when clients wanted their compressor as a permanent fixture. They didn't want ongoing hire costs. Their budget couldn't quite stretch to new. Pre-owned was the perfect solution for them. A fully-working compressor, serviced before it was sold and coming complete with a guaranteed warranty. They knew it worked, they knew it had been tested for leaks, they knew it would do the job at a fraction of the cost, allowing them access to the compressed air system they needed for their company to grow.

Yes, there's a time for stripping down and recycling. But, well maintained, an air compressor can last for around 20 years, continuing to perform well. And many of our 'second hand' compressors are looking for a new home at a comparatively young age. Companies close, plant is upgraded and nearly new compressors,  are sold off. See if one of our 'pre-owned' compressors is the right fit for you - both plant and budget wise.