Possibly the smallest, quietest air compressor on the planet...

From the SCR stable of state-of-the-art air compressors comes the new 'Permanent Magnet' range. Priced advantageously in the market-place, they are ideally suited to piston-type air compressor applications. Quiet, vsd controlled, portable and low maintenance, the profile of the 'Permanent Magnet' series incorporates ease-of-use with maximum efficiency. Occupying a smaller footprint than their counterparts they are 10% more efficient, and operate with a motor efficiency even higher than IE3 premium efficiency. The full range will be available to buy from EDC shortly. Want more information on the new range? See the PM series technical specifications - or read about the new PMR range of compressors (permanent magnet receiver mounted air compressors) - affordable excellence and outstanding performance.

View the 30PM series (300Hz, 68 decibels)

PM tech spec part 1 

PM tech spec part 2

Benefits of the range include:

advantages of a permanent magnet air compressorA high efficiency air end. The asymmetric rotor profile allows for a broader sealing band between rotors compared to the conventional narrow style. This can increase efficiency by as much as 5-10%. Triple lip shaft sealings, combined with an oil recovery system, ensure that the design is leak-free and immune to dust ingress & oil or air loss.

A special dual housing oil-cooled motor. The air end lubricant also cools the motor in a design in which the two housings are incorporated into one, with space left for an oil channel between the inner & outer housing.

A uniquely designed permanent magnet motor. With a higher efficiency rating than even the industry bench-mark of IE3, the PM motor offers both grease and bearing-free maintenance. Compact in design & quiet in operation it provides minimal levels of vibration.

Vector control technology. The PM vsds uses feedback from the motor to calculate the exact voltage & frequency required - thus ensuring optimal efficiency & torque over an ever-changing wide range of speeds.

A high-flow, leak-proof design. Rigid steel piping (with high-flow characteristics) eliminates oil pressure losses and the risk of rupture or oil loss through the normal ageing of traditional flexible, rubber hoses. All joints in the hoses employ a combination of fluorine o-ring & compression rings to offer a leak-free and vibration free operation. 

SCR's new permanent magnet air compressor permanent magnet air compressor 45kw rated benefits of a permanent magnet air compressor