A brand new air compressor for £6.95 (+ VAT) per week?

air compressors in agricultural production

There's a wealth of applications for air compressors in farming and agriculture, that's why we've put together a package we think farmers and small holders will find meets all their needs. Whether you rely on compressed air for your dairy machines, tyres, sluicing, spray-painting, crop spraying or even wastewater treatment we have the perfect air compressor at the perfect price. Have a look at our air compressors for farmers and smallholders brochure and see just how affordable a new workhorse of a compressor can be. Our leasing options mean you can have a 4.0 HP single phase, belt driven air compressor with a 200L air receiver from £6.95 + VAT per week. Contact Gary Miller on: 07487 592 077 to find out how you could be compressing your costs and aiding your production with a brand new air compressor.