Pressure System's Safety Regulations and Written Schemes of Examination

pressure vessel testing - air compressors

Let EDC Air Compressors  take a 'load' off your mind when it comes to Written Schemes of Examination.

If your business operates an air compressor (in any capacity) it's likely your insurance company will now require you to have what's called a 'Written Scheme of Examination'. It's to ensure you know the equipment's safe operating limits, and that your machinery is functioning within those parameters.

Failure of pressure equipment can not only cause damage, but can be deadly. Air, under high pressure is a dangerous commodity. And whilst most people have a healthy respect for electricity, a compressed air system can supply air without being 'plugged in'. As such, people often don't perceive it to be dangerous, after all it's only air - right?

Unfortunately, a compressor operating at 125 psi will discharge air into the atmosphere at 125 miles per hour. Enough to make bullets out of objects it comes into contact with, or cause death by entering the blood stream by obstructing an artery or causing an embolism. So you're working with something you need to have a healthy respect for, hence the need for regulation and inspection.

On the other hand, if the pressure isn't discharged correctly, it can result in a build up which can rupture the vessel itself.

That's the bad news.The good news is that using state-of-the-art equipment, including a dual lens endoscope with camera and ultrasonic wall thickness gauge meter, we can fully inspect your system; inside and out, checking for structural issues and pressure regulation. When we've confirmed your machine is operating as it should, we'll issue you with a certificate (cloud based, so you'll never lose it). This can be presented to your insurer to comply with your insurance policy. And the pluses of using a compressed air company to issue this rather than have your insurer deal with it? Not only can we assess and advise on your entire system, we're likely to be much more cost-effective at conducting the process. Call us to find out. T: 0141 812 3222.

Below left, an air receiver which failed its pressure vessel testing and was uneconomical to repair, replaced with a brand new receiver by EDC Air Compressor engineers.

pressure vessel testing on air receiver