Imagine there was a benchmark for conducting compressed air energy audits? There is. It's called ISO11011.

You already know how valuable energy audits are as energy consumption is by far the greatest cost in compressed air systems. Leaks cost money. In fact, producing compressed air is a costly business for all companies who utilise it. Its generation could be consuming up to (and sometimes over) 15% of your power requirement. So you call someone in to inspect it and report on their findings. The information you are provided with can vary dramatically, depending on the company and whether or not they subscribe to the industry standard of ISO11011. Effective since 2013, when the British Compressed Air Society introduced it, the standard has guidelines which specify how the audit should be conducted, what information it's mandatory to capture, and how that information should be presented to the end user. This structured framework for conducting compressed air energy audits ensures that not only is your system comprehensively checked for faults, but that you, as the customer, are given an accurate, measured profile of your current usage - including recommendations as to how your system can be made more efficient, and the monetary savings this should equate to. This standardised assessment is designed to eliminate inaccuracies and ensure a common baseline to which all surveys of your industrial compressed air system will be tested. Performance parameters will be clearly defined, analysed and reported on. This means that flow rates, such as: demand flow rate, flow static application, peak airflow & supply flow rate will all need to be measured to ensure a comprehensive capture of your system's data.  

At EDC we fully comply with the ISO11011 standard and undertake our compressed air energy surveys using state-of-the-art auditing equipment producing detailed reports. See full details of our industrial air compressor energy audits or view the comprehensive level of detail our compressed air energy audits can provide you with.

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