free compressed air energy surveys

Artificial demand, system leaks, old equipment, fixed speed compressors, poor maintenance, failing to make use of heat recovery systems: all of these things could be 'blowing' your profits into hot air.

Compressed air is a hugely costly commodity to produce and takes a vast amount of energy to convert. It's generally accepted that 1 useable horsepower of compressed air takes 8 HP of electricity to generate. Electricity to operate your compressor will, over its lifetime, account for 76% of total costs.The purchase price fades into insignificance compared to this. But startlingly, you could be wasting up to half (typically it's 30-35%) of the compressed air you produce.

That's right. You're wasting energy to create compressed air which isn't used and isn't needed. It's almost criminal.

But we have a get out of jail card for you: a free energy survey.

If you have older, fixed-speed air compressors over 22kW we can almost guarantee you can save money. How? These units tend to be the most inefficient. But, if we can identify how much energy they're using (relative to what you actually need), we can also propose a solution to reducing the cost.

Variable speed drives can easily be retrofitted to air compressors - at a fraction of the cost of a new VSD compressor. You'll get a much enhanced level of control whilst seeing immediate energy savings (we'll provide you with a detailed payback chart). Once the compressor has paid for itself, you go on making energy savings year after year.

Contact us for details, because, as we've headed up this blog, you've nothing to lose but expensive energy bills.