A Robuschi ES-95/3P – RVP125 rotary lobe roots blower was recently installed & commissioned by EDC Air Compressors at a poultry processing plant. The blower, which will operate at 800 mbar and 2.297 (m3/h), will be responsible for promoting optimal conditions for the decomposition of waste and bi-products from the plant. The materials in the digestor will primarily be organic waste, fecal matter and poultry feed. Pumping air into the process, the Robuschi blower will aerate & circulate the sludge, allowing microbes to begin the digestion process.
Typically, mainly due to the capital expenditure of blowers, motors & electricity required in the process, aerobic digestion (digestion which takes place in the presence of air) is seen as being more costly than anaerobic digestion. However, there are upsides to the process. Taking place at the ambient temperature, aerobic digestion is much faster & easier to control than anaerobic digestion. In this application, it means that the processing plant can quickly and efficiently deal with bi-products, creating in turn a useable, sustainable, saleable product. In this instance, the treated slurry from the plant is destined for use in a land application – as fertilizer for surrounding farmland.

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