Air leakage detection surveys: air today AND air tomorrow.

air leakage detection surveys

Couplings, hoses, pipe joints and valves are just some of the common contributors to air leaks. And everyone accepts that leaks happen, don’t they? They’re inevitable in an ageing or modified system? True. But they can be identified – and rectified. And the benefits of detecting and fixing your air leaks aren’t just monetary.

In addition to plugging the leaks, air detection surveys can also:

  • Identify over-pressurization. A waste of money AND energy. If your air leaks are forcing you to pump more air through your system just to maintain the required pressure you’re putting unnecessary strain on your plant.
  • Indicate inappropriate uses of compressed air. Air costs eight times as much as electricity. Something which may make you want to re-evaluate unregulated applications for your compressed air.
  • Establish insufficient storage. An ideal system has storage between the user & the process. The perfect level of storage is achieved when the operating control band is equalised by the back pressure in the system.

Normally completed in a day, our air leakage detection surveys are unobtrusive, cost-effective and could result in further benefits throughout your compressed air system.