scr air compressor fitrted with an ABB ACS480 drive

All compatible & fully integrable: The ABB ACS480 inverter and SCR’s PM range of compressors. 

This morning EDC Air Compressors had one of our drive engineers fit an ABB drive into an SCR air compressor, prior to shipping to our customer. The 10 bar screw compressor comes with a host of features (including a built-in air receiver) & is already 10% more energy efficient than many of its counterparts.

When you add the energy saving efficiencies of the ABB ACS480 to the mix, you have the perfect recipe for quiet, efficient, cost-effective, effortless control. See more on the PM and PMR range of SCR air compressors.

 SCR air compressor with ABB ACS480 drive & keypad fitted SCR air compressor with ABB inverter