air leak detection surveys could save you the cost of a new car every year

Last year EDC Air Compressors carried out an air leak survey for a distillery. 

Over 2 days we identified £28,000 per annum of leaks in our unobtrusive survey using state-of-the-art ultrasonic detection.
Each leak was tagged and prioritised, so that the largest leaks could be fixed first.
Last week we went back and repeated the same survey. Due to excellent housekeeping the money lost to leaks had reduced to just £8,000 per annum.  
However, this highlighted another issue, the ‘On Load’ compressor time has now reduced to 42% of the total running. 58% is wasted ‘off load’ running. That’s 4600 hours at 39.6kW = 182,160 kWh.
This made the application a prime candidate for a variable speed drive retrofit  - with potential further savings of £17,000.
Total savings would be well over 30k per annum, or the equivalent of a shiny, new, performance car. Call EDC if you want us to confirm your compressed air system isn’t wasting the cost of a new car, each year, every year!