OIL FREE AIR COMPRESSOR  oil free air compressor

As pure as driven air can be with an oil-free air compressor from SCR Comp! Oil-free air compressors are a unique, application-specific breed.

Used when the oil which would normally be used to lubricate air compressors would spoil the end result - such as in food production, medical or electronics manufacturing - oil-free air compressors come with a number of benefits over their oil-filled counterparts. But it's very much a case of 'horses for courses'. Let's have a look at the benefits an oil-free air compressor provides (in the right application). Generally, oil-free compressors are:

Lighter Less maintenance intensive
Often less costly Don't require collection of oil-laden condensate or oil top ups
Easy to start in cold weather Use only approx 18% of FLH when unloaded
Good on uneven surfaces Suffer no pressure drops due to filtration


It's important to remember that 'oil free' doesn't mean zero oil. There is still oil in the gearbox of your compressor - it just doesn't ever come into contact with the compressor itself, and so doesn't enter the air supply chain. Which is why there's no air as clean as the compressed air from an SCR oil-free air compressor - it's as pure as driven air can be!

For more info on the right air compressor for your requirements see our air compressor selector - or call and speak to one of our compressed air engineers. They know how to match an air compressor to its perfect application!