baratti blower overhaul and refurbishment

The Barattis have landed!

A water treatment works took delivery of their two refurbished Baratti blowers today. Post refurb the units were reinstalled by our EDC Air Compressor engineers.

These units are gainfully employed in tank aeration, but irrespective of your blower application (dust extraction, drying, filter rinsing, gas stirring, vacuum / pressure conveying or fluid bed aeration) EDC can investigate, interpret and diagnose all blower botherations - repairing and restoring your units to pristine condition.

Not only does servicing / refurbishing your blower make it more energy efficient, it can also significantly extend the lifetime of a very costly piece of equipment.

Operating environments can take a heavy toll on blowers, but it's not always possible to have pristine operating or perfect climatic conditions. So not only can our engineers alleviate the impact on your blowers by fitting new parts, they can also make recommendations as to how the environment can be improved for the future sustainability of your plant.