breathable air quality testing

You want your company to come across as smelling of roses...but if that's the smell of your breathable air, you may have a problem.

Some industrial processes create smoke, gases, vapours or airborne particles which, if aspirated, can cause serious health problems (ranging from irritation, dizziness and vomiting to pneumonia). Industries which produce these harmful airborne particles - metals/welding, spray painting, shot-blasting, will provide full face breathing apparatus masks with a continuous air supply for those working in areas where contaminants can be found. This solution keeps employees protected from pollutants in the long as the air being fed to them isn't itself in some way substandard. This is where breathable air quality testing comes in.

Our engineers (using state-of-the-art Factair breathable air testers) can ensure that the air your engineers breathe complies with legal standards and is free from any residue which could become incorporated due to a malfunctioning air compressor (or ancillary equipment). Taking only an hour, we can provide a comprehensive test looking at oxygen, oil, carbon monoxide, water, carbon dioxide and odour. Our engineers will also be able to examine the cause of any pollutants found. Breathing air filtration equipment has a finite life and will need regular replacing, but contamination can also be external, for example vehicle exhaust fumes being in the air intake to the compressor.

Quick, easy, accurate: contact us for further detail of how to monitor and maintain your breathable air.

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