air compressors, receivers and dryer packages

Vacillating on where to locate your pressure vessel in your compressed air system? Don't take it out on the tank, EDC AC (your local Scottish SCR distributor) can supply your entire compressed air system, advising on the perfect placement of your dryer and receiver- which can vary depending on your system.

We've long been known for our expertise in air compressors, but we also offer full turnkey compressed air packages (including pipework).This includes assessing what you require for your application  - and deciding how to set your system up to maximise production and minimise cost (the traditional compressor - tank - dryer configuration isn't always the best).

Designed around your budget, we can put the wind in your sails (if that's where you really want it). Contact us for details of our compressors, receivers and dryers; EDC Air Compressors, the whole package.