Pressure vessel testing - do I need it?

Regulation 8 of Pressure Systems Safety is a 'Written Scheme of Examination (WSE).

It's a legal requirement that your company has a WSE for presure systems if they fall within the current guidelines.

In short, you must have a WSE in place (you'll need it for insurance purposes) if your pressure system has (and we'll keep this short):

  • A rigid pressure vessel.
  • A relevant fluid above 0.5 Bar
  • Steam at any pressure
  • All systems above 250 Bar litres require a WSE

If any of these apply to your operation your WSE should be in place before your system is operated. See how EDC Air Compressors can ensure you are 'air-tight' and ready for operation.

But there are exclusions. Systems which form part of a weapons system, are the subject of a research experiment, any tyre used on a vehicle, vessels which are part of fire extinguishers, used in navigation or any tool or appliance designed to be held in the hand which is a pressure vessel. Still not sure if there is a legal requirement for your company? See the list of exclusions: Pressure Systems Excepted from all Regulations.  

pressure vessel testing & WSE - eveything you wanted to know