the arrival of the permanent magnet receiver compressors at EDC

Stong and silent - the new PMR series of variable speed screw air compressors from the SCR stable.

Operating between 7.5 to 15kW, and positively purring at just 68dB, the new permanent magnet receiver compressors from SCR are efficient - we guarantee they'll save you money and beat the running costs of both fixed & variable speed machines - and priced to beat any comparible compressor on the market.

Efficient, serviceable and affordable (prices start at £2,365, excluding delivery) the new range comes with a host of features and benefits:

  • IE4 permanent magnet motor technology
  • A low component account
  • OIl cooled IP65 motor
  • 1:1 direct drive coupling
  • On board pressure scheduling
  • A pure soft start
  • 120L air receiver
  • A wide operating speed 25% -100% speed
  • And (shhh) low noise operation

It's the air compressor your power tools would ask for - if they could. Call or email us for more information and pricing on the perfect, compact yet powerful, PMR series.