air compressor service engineer undertaking instrument calibration on site

Showing them ‘Hauser’ it’s done...

Is David Taylor, one of our top air compressor engineers. He's been on a week-long tour of duty in a far-flung destination, carrying out field checks and helping with wet flow calibrations as part of our contract with Endress+Hauser for instrumentation calibration.

This contract sees the EDC trio of companies (EDC (Scotland) Ltd and EDC (North East) work alongside EDC Air Compressors calibrating equipment in the food and beverage, power and petrochemical industries.

An engineer from each of the companies attended an intensive Endress+Hauser training course before being certified to be able to work in the field.

Said David: "It's another string to our bow and as the calibration work normally lasts 3 days or more, I've gotten to see and stay in some very scenic parts of Scotland. It's also been great working with the Endress+Hauser engineers and learning more about the work they undertake."