Robuschi blower, overhaul, repair & reconditioning service

Let Robuschi light up your life......and keep on shining as the star worker in your plant.

Renowned for some of the most robust and powerful blowers in the marketplace, you can keep your blower in tip-top shape with an overhaul (the human equivalent of a spa day).

Typically an overhaul involves replacing the parts most subject to wear & tear: the piston ring & collar, bearings, seal and seal ring. These parts are not expensive to replace, but their failure can cause your blower to work less efficiently  - or not at all. In roots type blowers the inlet filter, belts and oil will also be changed, effectively restoring your blower to its former glory - and functionality.

When it has to be right—it has to be Robuschi - serviced and cared for by EDC!