What’s being stolen from your plant by air leaks? Answer: it could be thousands of pounds.

That expensive compressed air that you produced, which powers your business and runs your plant, could be stolen by minuscule leaks in your system.
Call out our team of ‘investigators’ who, using  a state-of-the-art ultrasonic ‘eavesdropper’, will quickly—and with no disruption to your processes—identify the ‘thieves’ of your compressed air. Stop them in their tracks with a compressed air leak detection survey from EDC Air Compressors. We’ll pinpoint the leaks and present a detailed survey of how much they’re costing you—as well as the best, and least expensive way, to repair them. Ideally, as leaks can develop over time, these surveys should be carried out annually as part of a planned maintenance schedule. Not only will this minimise inefficiencies in your system on an ongoing basis, it will help reduce your carbon footprint by lowering your energy consumption (a leak plugged is a Joule saved!) and stabilise your system. How so? Well, the simple plugging of a leak can also - quite literally - take pressure off your system, thereby stabilising it. No longer will it have to work so hard to produce the amount of compressed air required. The result? Less stress, both for you ......and your compressed air system. Contact us today to see the savings you could be making. Because for your air leaks, there's no hiding from ultrasonic leak detection.