acs800 vsd retrofit on Atlas Copco air compressor

EDC Air Compressors recently retro-fitted an ABB ACS800 variable speed drive into an Atlas Copco air compressor. 

The successful installation, at a local brewery, took under 5 hours to complete, meaning minimal down-time for the customer.

If your demand for air isn't constant, then retrofitting an inverter onto your existing fixed speed air compressor is one of the best energy-saving measures you can take. It saves you the expense of buying a new integrated drive and compressor package, whilst still giving you a much greater degree of control (including a soft start up).

Most compressed air applications can benefit from a variable rate of air, so you could be saving money and lightening the load on your plant by introducing a VSD into your system.

With a free energy audit we can prove the savings which can be made - and provide you with a payback time for the purchase of the VSD. One the inverter has paid for itself, you keep on making the savings.

Contact us for a free survey today - and start saving money on your energy bills by investing in retrofitting.