Gallery of Scottish SCR air compressor installations

"First, thank you for the quick response this morning. We would have been without production had you not attended".

Our engineers take great satisfaction in a job well done. They live and breathe air compressors... and we like to give them an opportunity to showcase some of their work servicing, repairing, installing, testing and commissioning air compressors.

pressure vessel testing of an air compressor on site in order to issue a written scheme of examination

Pressure vessel testing on site for a customer in order to issue them with a written scheme of examination for insurance purposes. See more about this in our Written Scheme of Examination section. We can inspect your compressors on site and issue you with the correct documentation for your insurer. We'll even put it in the cloud for you - so you can easilly access it whenever you need to.

servicing of a Gardner Denver air compressor

On site servicing of a Gardner Denver compressor - at EDC Air Compressors our engineers are familiar with all makes and models. In fact, they thrive on variety. There's no new compressor under the sun they haven't seen.

 servicing of a Parker Polestar air compressor

Like the Parker Polestar (above) too... worry not, we'll take exceptionally good care of it.

servicing a hydrovane compressor

And Hydrovane...

servicing a worthington air compressor

and Worthington...

servicing a scheppach air compressor

Oh, and Scheppach too!

Servicing and SCR air compressor

Our team also gets to see some nice heat extraction techniques for the compressors - ensuring that they keep their cool at all times. For some companies it's possible to use this extracted heat in other processes on the plant.

scr air compressor and dryer on site being serviced by EDC air compressor engineers

And we get to do some beautifully put together installations...the touch screen on this super energy efficient EPM SCR series compressor is designed to be informative AND intuitive. EPMs are also super energy efficient.

fully compressed air system from EDC Air Compressor