List of the world's top air compressors

You always knew your SCR air compressor kept good company; now it's official.

SCR is rapidly climbing the ranks of some of the world's best-known air compressors. Not surprising for a company where 10% of the workforce are air compressor engineers who are committed to enhancing the design and performance of their product.

With world-wide distribution (SCR air compressors has dealerships in more than 80 countries) and a portfolio of energy-efficient screw compressors, the company - which was started in 2000 - has entered into a joint venture with the Japanese company, Anest Iwata (founded in 1926) .This has meant the introduction of Japanese technology and rigorous quality control.

Our chart shows the success of this venture in gaining a greater share of the global screw compressor market.

SCR: Powering your plant, investing in the energy-efficiency of your business.