energy efficient SCR air compressors at Hannover Messe 2023

Keenly awaited, the world's leading trade fair, Hannover messe, has kicked off for its 2023 outing with the watchwords of: Innovation, inspiration, interaction.

4000 companies, including SCR and Anest Iwata, have come together from a range of diverse industries in aid of solutions for connectivity and climate neutrality.

Companies involved in mechanical engineering, energy and digital industries will showcase solutions for achieving, not just a vastly reduced carbon footprint for their products, but true, climate-neutral industries. Visitors will be able to see how energy management, machine learning and the use of hydrogen can all contribute to this.

For their part, SCR (and their owners, the Japanese based Inest Iwata) will be illustrating the energy saving to be made from their super efficient variable speed drive controlled EPM series of air compressors, with oversized, low-speed airends and IE4 permanent magnet motors. These new compressors have up to 25% more flow compared to standard screw compressors, and as their motors don't use traditional bearings, the motor is maintenance free.

Picture credit: Kevin, April 2023, Hannover Messe, Hannover.