get a free compressed air energy audit for your company from EDC Air Compressors

I’m freeeeeee: yes, hard to believe, but it’s true, a compressed air energy survey by EDC Air Compressors will cost you … absolutely nothing.

It may however, save you money by identifying where you can save from air generation to point of use—so you don’t leak money on your compressed air costs.

We can calculate the energy consumption of your system, providing a comprehensive profile of your compressed air usage (and wastage).

Compressed air is one of the most important utilities for industries, accounting for 10% of the electrical consumption in the UK, so saving on your compressed air  will significantly impact on your company's running costs.

Using SCADAR™ data loggers, EDC Air Compressors can undertake an energy audit on your air compressors showing your current energy usage and providing a clear and detailed summary on how to potentially reduce your running costs.

Once the loggers are removed (after 7 days of unobtrusive data collection) and information downloaded, a detailed report will be generated.The report could highlight savings of 30 - 35%.

With the conclusions, recommendations can be made for ways to save energy costs, and money. Because in the competitive manufacturing arena, knowledge is power - literally.