Possibly the widest operating band in the world.....

In the passionate pursuit of a leaner, meaner, greener air compressor, SCR has brought forth the next generation of permanent magnet screw compressors.

In its fourth evolution, the new machine comes with intuitive touch-screen programming. This makes the compressor adaptable at the press of a finger, allowing instant communication. Programming changes can be made to schedules of operation & pressure settings simply, and as required. The compressor is so flexible in its operating output it can cope with high demand variable output applications to .....blowing up a balloon.

Possibly the most energy efficient screw compressor on the market (estimates put it at between 7-10% above a standard industrial variable speed drive air compressor) it boasts:

  • An IP65 oil-cooled motor (up to 96.8% efficient itself).
  • A variable speed cooling fan (reducing noise ).
  • An operating band of 75-300hz (it can load even at the lowest demand and varying demands are taken in its stride).
  • A range of 22kw to 75kw (with smaller & larger additions pending)
  • No 'sweet spot' of operating efficiency - the 4th generation of SCR pm screw compressors operate equally well and with maximum efficiency no matter what the speed range is.

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 scr's new permanent magnetic screw compressor