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Why that gentle hiss is costing you thousands.

What is one of the easiest ways to save money on your compressed air system?

Leaks are often overlooked, simply because they don't make a noise. They don't drip, or alert you to the fact that they're there. Essentially these leaks are silently sabotaging your plant, draining resources and costing you money, as well as the over-production of air which is already expensive to create. The good news is that they're one of the cheapest, easiest and quickest problems to remedy.

Even well-maintained systems can have leakages of 25% and above. They're caused by poor pipe connections, bad seals, poorly closed couplings, incorrect installation and wear and tear - and over time they will worsen. Unobtrusive leak detection surveys can quickly and easily locate these leaks - with no interruption to your production, so no downtime.

Yes, there are other other factors which can impact on your overall air productivity (sizing downstream equipment correctly, using a variable speed compressor and sizing the air receiver correctly) but a leak detection survey can be conducted at any time and will dramatically reduce energy consumption with minimal expenditure.

Plug the holes in your system today by calling EDC Air Compressors for your comprehensive air leakage detection survey.

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