The cost of a new compressor can stop companies from expanding: the investment is too high and the return too long. The lack of capital to purchase new air compressors means that companies can be missing out on the new technical advances being made in piping, airends and vector control; advances which themselves make the units more cost-effective and so more profitable to run.

With EDC's FairAir air compressor leasing scheme you pay only for the air you use. There's no huge initial outlay, no servicing costs, no repair bills and no struggling with an air compressor which isn't meeting your requirements. Your air compressor lease covers the delivery, installation & commission the unit. Then we look after it, servicing it to the manufacturer's instructions, while advising you how you may be further able to make energy savings with your application.  If you've been thinking that you need a new air compressor, but struggling with how to finance it and move your company forward, FairAir is your answer, providing you with a new state-of-the-art compressor: on hire. Just push the button to get started. Contact us today for more information on our air compressor rental packages and see how leasing your air compressor can free up both your company finances AND your productivity. Call 0141 812 3222.

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