EDC Air Compressors Scotland is pleased to announce its new venture into oil free air compressors!

Compressed air - oil free! The oil free range from SCR is specifically designed for applications where you cannot afford to have any oil present in the finished air product. oil free air compressorAvailable to hire, and cost-effective to run (oil free air compressors require less servicing than their oil injected counter-parts) the new oil free range of compressors is perfect for when only the purest air supply will do. For example, spray painting cars on a production line - the oil would interact with the paint and thus impact on the quality of the finished paint spray. However, there are a whole host of applications where oil cannot be permitted in the final product of high quality, continuous compress air. Medical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing processes can all require only the highest quality of air, especially if these industries have already employed sophisticated and expensive air purification systems in their operation. When you have put in place such systems, designed to remove all impurities from the ambient air, the last thing you want is for your filtered, high-quality pure air to be processed by an oil injected air filter - where oil in the air can be inevitable (and often desirable - in the correct application). SCR's range of oil free air compressors ensures the expense of your high-quality air is not wasted and that the compressed air output is as clean and as pure as possible - no oil is used in the oil free air compressors - so none can be introduced in the processing of your air. Contact us today to find out more about our new oil free range of industrial air compressors. Free from oil, free from contaminants and free from CAPEX investment using our 'Air Over the Wall' hire scheme.